Choosing your cybersecurity degree training: our advice

In our era of digitalization, cybersecurity specialists are in high demand. Indeed, they help protect Internet users against various hacks as well as theft of sensitive and personal information and identity theft.

As a computer enthusiast, you want to make it your career. This is why you want to pursue a degree course in the field. But how to select your cybersecurity training and school? Follow our advice.

Choose your training according to your level

The first thing you will take into consideration when choosing your computer security training is your level in the field. Indeed, to be able to follow computer training. You must meet a few requirements. Therefore, if you have:

  • Abac S or in STI2D, you can join a cybersecurity school to obtain a level III diploma recognized by the State by following a Higher Digital Systems Technician Certificate. The training is access to networks and IT and will allow you to train in the maintenance and marketing of IT systems. You can also opt for a bac+3 training after finishing high school. The computer science bachelor’s degree is perfectly recommended for this level.
  • A bac+2 in computer science. You can join a cybersecurity school to obtain a professional license or a computer science license. Just like you can take the competitive exams to enter a computer engineering school.
  • A bac+3 in computer science, you can follow training in bac+3 in computer science. This training will result in a level I diploma. You can move towards a Master’s degree in computer science or an MSc in computer science. 

It is also important to emphasize that the school you choose must offer diploma or certification training. This way, you will be able to showcase your acquired knowledge when you apply to different companies in the sector.

Select your cybersecurity degree that offers quality IT equipment and materials

When you choose the school you are going to attend for your IT training, you will check the quality of the establishment’s IT materials and equipment. Indeed, to be able to learn in the best possible conditions. It is essential to access quality equipment. In this case, you will check that all the infrastructures are working well. The important thing is not to have the latest, high-end equipment. But equipment that works properly and quickly. They must perform well so as not to hinder your learning. If you can, take the time to test the materials available to you. You will thus have elements of comparison in order to identify the institute which can effectively support you in your training.

IT security training that provides on-the-job experience

When you are going to choose your cybersecurity school, there is one detail that should not be overlooked: practice and getting into the field. Indeed, whether in IT or in another field. Field experience is essential. This is the best way to progress in your training by being confronted with real problem situations, but also to facilitate your integration into the professional world. Even though theory is an essential part of your computer science education. You will not be able to advance and develop your skills by putting into practice what you have learned. Therefore, when you are going to select the school where you are going to follow your training. It is essential to ensure that it offers on-the-ground experience.

Ynov, a unique and professional teaching method

The Ynov school offers a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Cybersecurity, the courses of which are based on practice. Via projects throughout the training as well as field internships. From the 3rd year, you will also have access to work-study programs.

The alternation brings many advantages. In fact, it finances your training, offers you initial professional experience, and allows you to access a network.

At the end of the IT Bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity, you already have access to 3 professions: security solutions administrator, security solution integrator, or security analyst.

The specialization in cybersecurity is accessible via 5 different Bachelors: AI & Data, Development, Infrastructure and IS, Game Design & Programming, and Cybersecurity.

The first year establishes the foundations of algorithms and computer programming systems.

The Python programming language will also be on the program, alongside learning about IT security infrastructures.

Java and PHP languages will be covered in the second year.

These first two years give you access to professional internships.

It is in the third year that cybersecurity will be at the forefront. This is also where you can take a work-study program.

At the end of the expert master’s degree in cybersecurity, 3 professions are also available to you: SOC (security operation center) analyst, security architect, or even security project manager.

To learn cybersecurity with the Ynov school, registration is free and is done directly online.

Choose from the 12 campuses in France and elsewhere (Paris, Bordeaux, Rennes, Lyon, etc.) and submit your application based on the training you have chosen!

Unsure about which campus to choose? Ynov offers open days that will allow you to discover your future training location, other students, and their work.

Once your application has been received and validated, you will have a motivational interview with a member of the Ynov admissions team.

Several qualities are sought after to work in cybersecurity. You must be meticulous and know how to exercise discretion. Indeed, you will have to work with confidential data and your role will be to protect it.

Ynov’s programs prepare you for all of this and allow you to develop skills sought by recruiters in the IT security sector. During the various projects, the Ynov school will be keen to make you a true professional.