5 steps to improve stomach burning

Burning in the stomach is something that bothers and creates a lot of discomfort for those who feel it. Heartburn is certainly one of the gastric ailments that generate the most discomfort.

And when everyone feels it, they want to get rid of it straight away. There are countless remedies and home options that help relieve this burning sensation. If you don’t know and want to learn some tricks to reduce them quickly, then keep reading this content.

This way, you will learn what to do and how to protect yourself from this nausea and discomfort that appear out of nowhere. See how:

What is good for relieving a burning stomach?

Burning in the stomach can be caused by several different reasons, such as poor digestion, reflux, and higher acidity levels in the region, among other factors.

Heartburn, as this burning sensation is known, is also linked to other pathologies such as gastritis. Knowing what discomfort is like and how bad it is to feel, here are some good tips so that you can get relief from this symptom.

1. Water with baking soda

Bicarbonate, when diluted in water, ends up having an alkalizing effect throughout the digestive tract. Therefore, it ends up quickly neutralizing the acidity that had formed in the region.

To make this homemade recipe, it is important to pay attention to the measurements. So, you will need: half a spoon of baking soda and a glass of water. To do this, just mix and drink in small, slow sips.

This is a quick relief recipe that cannot be continued for more than a day so that it does not cause any rebound effects.

2. Ginger tea

Ginger tea contains what is called gingerly, which is a mitigating and antiemetic substance that helps to irritation of the throat. Along these lines, it is feasible to lessen stomach sharpness and make indigestion disappear in no time flat.

For the recipe, you need 1cm of ginger root cut into slices or grated and a liter of water. You will add everything and let it boil for 5 to 10 minutes.

The tea should be drunk in 3 to 4 divided doses a day and at least 20 minutes before meals.

3. Pear juice

For those who don’t like tea, there is also the option of drinking pear juice. This is because the fruit helps combat stomach inflammation and also helps with digestive health, causing stomach acid to be diluted and discomfort eliminated.

You then only need a few pears, 3 drops of lemon and 250 ml of water, when blending everything add the lemon drops so that the juice doesn’t turn dark. So, drink this 2 times a day or when you feel your stomach burning.

There are also other juice options that provide relief from heartburn, such as:

  • Raw potato juice;
  • Kale and apple juice;
  • Papaya and flaxseed juices.

4. Pharmacy medicine

The people who don’t need or don’t have the fixings to make custom-made recipes to alleviate consumption in the stomach can likewise decide to take drug cures.

There are different choices for you to look over and afterward get the alleviation you anticipate. Pick stomach-settling agents and corrosive creation inhibitors like omeprazole, domperidone or sucralfate, which is a gastric defender.

Since these prescriptions can cause incidental effects, you really must take them under the direction of a specialist. Like that, you can be protected about it.

5. Ice water

Some say that very cold water taken in small sips helps to reduce the burning sensation. As it is a method that does not use any other ingredients, it may end up being a little slower to see results.

What can cause heartburn and what can you do to avoid it?

Acid reflux is the consuming impression that happens toward the rear of a bone toward the rear of the chest. This inedible sensation can spread to the neck, chest and throat.

The burning is caused by acid reflux that is present in the stomach. So, when it goes up to the esophagus, it ends up causing this bad sensation. Heartburn can cause:

  • Involuntary and frequent belching;
  • Bitter taste in the mouth;
  • Burning or pain in the throat area;
  • Food reflux.

It can be caused by the ingestion of very acidic foods, by pathologists such as gastritis, it can be triggered by stress, smoking, obesity, high coffee consumption, medication use and pregnancy.

Factors that are not triggered by illness or pregnancy can be easily controlled by changing habits.

For instance, having a solid eating routine will make the body capability well, have great processing and keep away from issues that create a consuming uproar in the stomach.

Assuming that an infection causes indigestion, it is fundamental that the singular looks for a specialist so he can survey what is going on, as the presence of acid reflux can cause wounds and produce other more difficult sicknesses.

Maintaining a lifestyle outside of a sedentary lifestyle also helps combat heartburn, as abdominal volume also contributes to the burning sensation. Other recommendations to avoid the appearance of heartburn are:

  • Do not sleep completely straight to avoid reflux;
  • Reduce the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and fatty and spicy foods;
  • Avoid drinking too much black tea or coffee and soda;
  • Eat small meals, as having too much food at once can cause heartburn;
  • Avoid sleeping on your left side, especially after eating;
  • Avoid stressful situations.


If the burning sensation in the stomach continues even though everything that has already been mentioned is under control, then it is essential to see a gastroenterologist so that he can carry out tests and then recommend the appropriate treatment for the situation.

It is very important that people do not always self-medicate, especially if the symptoms are recurrent, as they could be the cause of another pathology. Therefore, always consult a doctor if this is common.