Free CNA Online Course Study Guide

Online CNA courses are a flexible option for people who want to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). They allow you to study at your own pace and schedule. However, it’s worth noting that some states have restrictions on how much CNA training can be completed online. You don’t have to worry, we will provide you with a study guide to complete the course and get the certification within one month.

What does a CNA do?

CNAs, also known as nurse aides or nursing aides, help patients with activities of daily living and assist nurses and other health care professionals by setting up equipment, recording patient vital signs, and providing information to patients and visitors.

Most CNAs work in residential care facilities such as hospitals or nursing homes. They can also provide home health care

What are the benefits of taking CNA courses online?

1. Online CNA courses are flexible, allowing you to complete coursework anywhere without having to commute to campus.

2. Asynchronous CNA programs allow you to schedule your classes around work and family responsibilities.

3. Most online CNA courses only last a few months.

4. You can meet other healthcare professionals and expand your professional network.

5. Tuition for online CNA courses is relatively cheap and free.

What job opportunities are there for CNAs?

As someone who has studied and obtained the CNA certification, you can get the following job opportunities:

· Clinical Medical Assistant

· Certified Medical Assistant

· Registered Medical Administrative Assistant

· Medical records expert

· Medical secretary

· Health care support staff

· Medical office assistant

What employers can you have?

You can find opportunities to work in a variety of healthcare settings:


· doctor’s office

· University Health Department

· Home health agency

· Mental health facilities

· Public health institutions

· Rehabilitation facilities

· Urgent Care Clinic

· Surgery center

What is the average salary for a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average annual salary for a certified nursing assistant ( CNA ) is $35,740, or $17.18 per year.

However, the average certified nursing assistant salary is $35,164, according to, and ZipRecruiter reports an average annual salary of $40,170 or $19 an hour.

How can we help you become a certified CNA?

We provide professional zero-cost online CNA courses. If necessary, we will provide CNA mock exams to help you master CNA knowledge in a shorter time and obtain certification certificates. Click the link above to view more information