Best Online Theology Programs & Degrees for Seniors in 2024

In today’s globalized world, the study of theology is more important than ever. Those with a theological background will find satisfying careers in fields such as journalism, public policy, and international relations, where an understanding of religious dynamics is increasingly important and for which theological study provides both personal and professional growth. a solid foundation.

Theology has had a profound impact on all civilizations around the world. Theology is a field of study that deeply studies the divine nature, religious beliefs, and faith practices. Pursuing a degree in theology provides individuals with the opportunity to explore the complexities of religion, spirituality, and the role of faith in society

Critical thinking, research, and interpretation are all skills that seniors can benefit from an online theology degree in 2024

Seniors may expect to learn about global cultures and how people conduct their daily lives using religion as a compass. Studying theology combines many different academic fields. Therefore, the university offers a portfolio of courses that include subjects from different disciplines such as philosophy, art, literature, history, psychology, and even political science

A theology degree allows for a lot of skepticism and scientific inquiry, so if you like to think critically about ideas and the future, this degree might be right for you. There are a variety of careers available to upperclassmen in theology, including teaching, law, social work, and even medicine. In addition, you will learn many skills that can be used across a wide range of industries and professions. Critical thinking, research, interpretation, presentation, and communication are all examples of skills. Compare the 2024 online theology degrees that seniors can enroll in, some are paid and some offer partial or full financial aid to low-income earners.

Free Online Degree Programs for Seniors at Dallas Theological Seminary in 2024

Dallas Theological Seminary has been teaching biblical truth for the past ninety years and continues to mentor individuals from around the world through their free online courses. Most courses are taught by seminary academics.

Ten of the seventeen courses explore a specific book in the Bible, while the other seven explore other related topics. These courses cover biblical texts such as 1 Corinthians, James, Daniel, Acts, and Hebrews. There are many more lessons on similar topics, such as God’s names and attributes, understanding God’s covenants, the life of Christ, and the stories of the Bible.

Course topics include:

• How to study specific passages in scripture

• How to maintain Christ-centered preaching

• The process of calling for action

• Resources for further research

Course details

• Number of courses: 27

• Prerequisites: None

• Duration: 250 minutes

Cost: Free

Franciscan University of Steubenville offers affordable theology degrees and financial aid

The online bachelor’s degree in theology offered by Franciscan University of Steubenville (FUS) is grounded in Western philosophy and Catholic principles. This course prepares students for additional education in the Catholic ministry or graduate school.

FUS’s strong Franciscan liberal arts tradition emphasizes critical thinking and appreciation of Western literature. The course focuses on ecclesiology, Christology and moral theology as its main subjects. Those seeking a degree choose 12 credits of theology electives. The course concludes with a senior thesis or final seminar.

Christianity and Life, Worship and Art, and Ancient and Medieval Philosophy are further possible subtopics. Graduates may continue their studies in seminary or graduate school or serve as missionaries, church educators, or social workers.

Course details:

• 100% online self-paced and scheduled courses

• Cost per credit hour, $600 in-state, $600 out-of-state

• Graduation credits: 121

Cost: $28,420, partial or full financial aid available

Join Concordia University Wisconsin in 2024 in the comprehensive online degree program in Theology

Founded in 1881, Concordia University Wisconsin offers an online accelerated bachelor’s degree program in theological studies. This course is designed for students interested in spiritual development or pursuing a career as a church worker or lay leader. Core courses include the study of the Old and New Testaments, the Gospel of Luke, and the life of Christ.

Other required courses include Christian Ethics, Foreign Religions and Lutheran Church Administration. With 51 optional credits, degree seekers can tailor their education to their interests.

This course is especially beneficial for high school students who want to become teachers, pastors, or social workers. This program provides financial assistance to low-income students or students seeking credit credits to complete the program.

Course details:

• Per-credit fee: $540 in-state, $540 out-of-state

• Graduation credits: 128

• Regional Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission Mission

Cost: $30,060, partial or full financial aid available

Grand View University Self-Paced Online Theology Course for Seniors 2024

Grand View University offers an online Lutheran-centered Bachelor of Theology degree. Exploring global religions and Western philosophy through a rigorous liberal arts foundation, this degree develops strong critical thinking and leadership skills.

Christian faith and life, worship and art, ancient and medieval philosophy are all course topics. Graduates may continue their studies in seminary or graduate school or serve as missionaries, church educators, or social workers.

Course details:

• Cost per credit hour: $452 in-state, $452 out-of-state

• Graduation credits: 124

• Program accreditation: Higher Learning Commission

Cost: $27,972, partial or full financial aid available